ALET welcomes education professionals whose primary focus is technology in the K-12 environment. Those who benefit the most from membership will be those who work at the system level and those who support EdTech on a school-wide level. Please note that vendors may not become ALET members, but are encouraged to become ALET Sponsors.

Membership Plans

Basic Membership

  • Open to individuals who qualify based on Membership Categories (below).
  • $25 per year. Join any time. The dues are good through the calendar year in which they are purchased and are not prorated. Dues are renewed between December 1st and January 31st each year.
  • Listserv membership
  • Register to attend ALET Events at current rates.
  • Attend free webinars.
  • Apply to participate in ALET Certification programs
  • Eligible to be nominated for ALET Awards

Premier Membership

  • Open to individuals who qualify based on Membership Categories (below).
  • This plan is available only until Feb 28th each year. 
  • All of the above, plus discounted registration fees to ALET’s three events are included. 
  • This plan will become available for 2023 membership in December of 2022. 

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Membership Categories

Delegate Membership Individuals serving as the District Technology Coordinator (or equivalent) who are employees of Alabama public school systems.  Delegate members are voting members of the organization. Delegate Members are eligible to hold office and represent a region on the ALET Board.

Technology Leadership Team Membership Individuals who are employees of public school systems (PK-12) who wish to promote the mission of the ALET organization.  Technology Leadership Team Members may only hold office or represent a region if they had previously done so. (Example: An individual had once been a Delegate member, was elected and served as a Board member and/or Officer, but is now categorized as a Leadership Team Member.) 

Associate Membership Individuals who are employees of private schools, colleges or universities, non-profit groups, public libraries, or other educational entities who wish to promote the mission of the ALET organization. 

Honorary Membership.  Past Delegate or Tech Leadership Team members who have retired from the educational system may obtain Honorary Membership. Honorary members are not required to pay dues. Honorary membership is not automatic and must be approved by the ALET Executive Committee. 

Dues Schedule and Use

Use of Membership Funds

All annual membership dues shall be used solely for supporting the nonprofit objectives of the organization. For questions about dues, please email

Membership Periods & Dues

Our membership fees are some of the lowest you will ever see. Therefore, we do not pro-rate your membership term based on the exact date that you joined. With the exception of those who join after our fall conference, all memberships should be renewed in January of each year.

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