The Alabama Technology Integration Coach Certification Program consists of a year long program delivered in a blend of face-to-face and online environments.  The coursework is based on the ISTE Standards for Coaches, with participants completing a showcase product throughout the program.

A successful candidate for the ALTIC Certification Program should currently serve the role of technology coach for a school or school system. All applications will be reviewed and candidates will be selected by the ALET Certification Program Committee. Each cohort of the ALTIC program will accept a max of twenty (20) participants.

Must meet all-

  1. ALET Member (Click HERE for information about ALET membership)
  2. A minimum of three years of experience working in the education field
  3. A letter of recommendation submitted by the district’s delegate member
  4. Acceptance into the program as decided by the ALET Certification Program Committee

The fee for the Alabama Technology Integration Coach Certification Program is $50. Participants are responsible for paying for their own travel, lodging, and meals.

You will be sent an invoice by email prior to the start of the first course and must be paid prior to the start of the first course.  As each system has individual policies on certification programs, check with your CSFO to determine if the cost can be covered by your system.

June 12: ALET Summer Conference- BJCC Birmingham, AL
ALPHA cohort members will graduate and present a showcase item during the summer conference. BETA members are encourage to register to attend summer conference. 
5PM Social Meet Up with ALPHA and BETA Cohort
September 23-26: ALET Fall Symposium- Orange Beach Alabama
June 2019- ALET Summer Conference
BETA cohort members will graduate and present a showcase item during the summer conference. 

A tentative social meet up for the new cohort is scheduled for 5PM on June 12 in Birmingham, Alabama (near the BJCC-place TBD). This meet up is optional and follow the ALET Summer Conference and opening keynote of AETC. BETA Cohort members are encouraged to register and attend the summer conference.

The face-to-face coursework will run in conjunction with ALET’s Fall conference held annually in Orange Beach. Participants should expect to add an extra day to their attendance at this conference. Participants are encouraged to attend each course with the cohort to which they are assigned. This group will work collaboratively in order to create a professional network of peers. If a course is missed, the participant can request to attend the next scheduled session with a different cohort.

The remaining coursework will be covered in an online environment. During the year long program, cohort members will be given the opportunity to visit fellow coaches. Additionally, monthly conversations occur in a variety of ways through Hangout, Voxer, Twitter and more. Detailed information will be provided to accepted cohort members.

Graduation for each cohort is tentatively scheduled for the Summer ALET Conference held in Birmingham, Alabama. The BETA cohort will graduate and present a showcase during the 2019 Summer ALET Conference.

Members of the BETA Cohort have been announced.

Program Lead – Sharon Mumm
VP of Professional Learning – Kelli Lane