ALET encourages the professional growth of its members. In addition to our conferences, we offer certification programs, mentoring, and technical seminars. All are made available to members for free or for a very nominal charge.

Our ProfDev Leaders

Eujon Anderson, Vice President of Professional Learning
CTO Leads – Stacy Royster & Tim Bothers
Technical Lead – Kevin Stephenson
ALTIC Leads – Sharon Mumm, Beth Parker, Valerie Curtis

ALET Certification Programs

ALET offers two certification programs, the Alabama Chief Technology Officer (AL-CTO) and the Alabama Technology Integration Coach (AL-TIC).

CoSN Certifications

We encourage our EdTech leaders to consider becoming a Certified Educational Leader (CETL) through CoSN. Find out more about CETL at https://cosn.org/certification.

Technical Seminars

ALET is working to increase its technical training offerings. We are scheduling more technical presentations at our conferences and will be offering online webinars throughout the year.