ALET is dedicated to promoting the effective use of technology in Alabama schools. Education and Technology professionals wishing to join ALET may apply for membership in order to become part of the organization’s collaborative forums, events, and programs. The annual membership fee for all types of members is $25. For information about ALET Regions, click here. If you wish to join, use this link to apply for membership.

Membership Types

Delegate Members must be from a public school system in the state of Alabama and must serve in the top leadership position for technology. Only one delegate member per school system is permitted. Delegate members vote for ALET officers and their Region’s Board Representative.

Technology Team Members should be employees of educational institutions who serve on the immediate staff of the System Technology Director (or equivalent).

Associate Members are individuals who are employees of educational institutions who do not serve on the immediate staff of the System Technology Director, represent other non-profit organizations which support the use of technology in education, or are members of higher education institutions who focus on the use of technology in K-12 schools.

Honorary Members are past ALET members who have retired and wish to remain ALET members. Honorary membership is granted by the Board Executive Committee and is not automatic. Those wishing to become Honorary members should use the online membership form to request this status. Honorary members are not required to pay dues.

Membership Dues

All annual membership dues shall be used solely for supporting the nonprofit objectives of the organization. Dues may be renewed during Fall conference registration for the following year. Those not attending the Fall conference may use the online form to enroll or renew at any time. Dues paid in conjunction with the Fall conference and dues paid by non-attendees between September and December, will cover the entire next calendar year. At this time membership dues are $25 per year. Dues will not be pro-rated. For questions about dues, please email